Meet Brenda Hudelson


After graduating from college with a major in Accounting, Brenda first worked in various CPA firms in Nebraska, in positions from staff to junior to senior accountant. Work assignments were "write ups" (bookkeeping services), income tax return preparation, and assisting in audits of area businesses.


Then came some experience in private accounting. First was learning the operations and accounting procedures of a national candy and cookie wholesaler, Farley's and Sather's Candy Company in Round Lake, MN. This paved the way for her next job of helping a local feed, grain, and fertilizer business with four locations understand what its cost drivers were, and where. Most of the feed was manufactured, and the accounting software packages at that time for a feed manufacturer were poor. As their accountant, Brenda helped them identify where problems with the software package were, compiled their financials, and compiled detailed cost analyses for each location and each division of the business.


In 1993, following a desire to be self-employed, Brenda settled on a business doing expense reduction for contingency fees. She began in Worthington, MN (under another name) and in 2007 got married and moved to Sioux Falls, SD. For 26 years Brenda has worked with a small number of clients regionally in MN, SD, IA, and NE. They are mostly conservative local government units, rural hospitals or clinics, banks, colleges, factories, businesses or nonprofits in the 4 state area. It is a very good fit for her strongest skill sets which are organizing, analyzing, coordinating, getting to the heart of things, and giving an accounting for anything financial.

Why Start Today

  • Put cash back in your pocket

  • You keep the control

  • You define your requirements

  • You make the decisions

  • 94% of clients have found savings

  • Annual savings are like an annuity; they really add up as time goes by.

Independent Skill and Objectivity Working For You

The business environment is so competitive today that more is expected with less resources available.

“I like being paid proportionately to the value I bring a customer. It’s not real common, it’s gutsy, and it’s a lot of hard work, but it’s genuine, challenging, and I enjoy it. I’m good at problem solving, I like the variety, and I enjoy getting out on the road every now and then, out to client sites. People in the rural Midwest have a “can-do” spirit. They’re usually not wasteful…they just have a lot on their plates. I’m an outside pair of eyes, who can come in and focus on specific things, and bring another perspective.”

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A Broad List of Expense Categories Reviewed:

  • Utilities (electricity, gas, water, sewer, garbage, telecom, CATV, street lights)
  • Chemicals
  • Waste treatment and removal
  • Couriers, express mail, freight
  • Emergency management expenses
  • Facilities management (HVAC, fire/security systems)
  • Factory/shop supplies
  • Raw Materials
  • Food
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Medical supplies and drugs
  • Medical and welding gases
  • Office expenses
  • Janitorial products
  • Printing, stationery, forms
  • Fuel
  • Taxes and recoveries
  • Merchant card fees
  • Uniforms, work clothing, safety wear
  • Vendor billing: prices paid vs. prices contracted
  • And many more